Welcome to the OKC Pre-K Summer Camp Program!

This classroom is designated for children entering Kindergarten/Begindergarten in the 2016-2017 school year!

General Information:                                                         (Link To Today's Weather)

      ~Located at Edgewood Early Childhood Center (1826 Osage Drive-Okemos)

      ~Room #106

      ~Telephone Numbers:

            OKC: (517) 706-5023

               Pre-K Room: (517) 706-5222

      ~Hours: Monday through Friday - 7 am to 6 pm

      ~Weeks of Operations: June 13th through August 19th


Information about this classroom:

  ~Children in this classroom do not take naps but are given a “quiet” time period after lunch. Each child will be allowed to create at the art table, play table tops, or look at a book during this time.

  ~Mondays are water play days. Please bring your bathing suits and a towel every Monday.

  ~Children are required to bring their own lunch. Please bring a cold lunch and cold drink               -we will eat outside everyday. (No peanuts please.)

~ Please have your child bring a refillable water bottle each day.

  ~Every child needs to have extra clothes in their backpack.

*On field trip days, please pack lunch in a disposable lunch bag (Brown Paper Bag.  All items in the disposable bag need to be disposable as well).

Items needed for the summer every day:

 All campers will have a cubby box dedicated for these materials to be  kept. Please make sure to label all of the items you bring to camp.

  ~ Cold Lunch (lunch will not be able to be refrigerated)

  ~Sunscreen/Bug spray 

  ~Sun hat and/or Sunglasses

  ~Extra set of clothes

  ~Water bottle

  ~Comfortable walking shoes/a pair of sandles for H2O days

  ~Prescription medication in the original prescription container & Completed          Medication Form.

Staff Emails: Please feel free to contact us anytime!!

Morning Lead:    Megan Maneke

Afternoon Lead: Janelle Briggs